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Looking back to the circuit in Figure 30, we see that the last rank of full adder gates are also hysteresis gates that maintain their state between wave fronts just like the asynchronous register gates. Since the wave front state is maintained by the adder gates there is really no need for a separate rank of gates just to maintain state (i.e., a separate asynchronous register). We can connect the acknowledge line directly to the last rank of processing gates and integrate the asynchronous registration function directly into the combinational circuit as shown in Figure 32.

With both input meanings and the acknowledge control signal going into the last rank of gates their threshold must now be 4.

Figure 32

Figure 32. Ripple carry adder with embedded asynchronous register.

NULL Convention Logic expresses data processing and control identically and indeed the expressional distinction between the two domains disappears. NULL Convention Logic is a uniform, consistent and general language for the expression of asynchronous circuits and systems. NCL delivers on the promises of asynchronous design where the traditional Boolean logic based approaches have failed to deliver.

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