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Theseus Research was founded in 1990 to develop a set of concepts about Computer science called the Invocation Model and their practical applications. Initially providing consulting in image processing TRI co developed, with Sarnoff Research Center, and Princeton Video Inc. the prototype L-Vis live-video insertion system which brings you ads and messages inserted in live video as well as the yellow first-down line seen in broadcasts of football games.

TRI also offerred the Theseus Warp Algorithm which is a patented high-fidelity imaging resampling technology that has been licensed to several companies.

The concepts of the Invocation Model had practical applications in the realm of digital logic design, computer architecture and programming languages. In 1994 TRI began the development of the digital logic design applications. In 1996 Theseus Logic was spun off as a vehicle to commercialize NULL Convention Logic and TRI became dormant.

In 2004 TRI was revitalized and is currently developing the architecture and language applications of the Invocation Model

Logically Determined Design Training and Seminars
TRI currently offers training and seminars on logically determined system design. Inquire about seminars

Theseus Warp License
TRI also continues to license the Theseus Warp Algorithm. Inquire about license .

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