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Theseus Warp™ Algorithm  
Information Sheets (as PDFs) Size
Theseus Warp Algorithm  
Dynamic Artifacting  
Perspective Transforms  
Size Transforms  
Movies (QuickTime format) Size
Dynamic Artifacting #1 1 MB
Dynamic Artifacting #2 35.1 MB
Dynamic Artifacting #3 2.6 MB
Dynamic Artifacting #4 1.4 MB
Dynamic Artifacting #5 3.7 MB
Dynamic Artifacting #6 7 MB
Dynamic Artifacting #7 6.4 MB
Technical Paper (as PDF) Size
"A Nonaliasing, Real-Time Spatial Transform Technique," by Karl M. Fant, published in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, January, 1986. 1.4 MB
Null Convention Logic™  
Technical Papers (as PDFs) Size
"NULL Convention Logic: A Complete and Consistent Logic for Asynchronous Digital Circuit Synthesis", Karl Fant and Scott Brandt, Proceedings 1996 International Conference on Application Specific Systems, Architectures, and Processors (ASAP 96), pp. 261-273, August 1996. 240 KB
"Considerations of Completeness in the Expression of Combinational Processes" by Karl Fant and Scott Brandt. 1.1 MB
Book Excerpt (PDF) Size
Logically Determined System Design - Chapter 1 160 KB
Logicall Determined System Design  
Book Materials Size
Movies and Excel File Compressed into 1 File (.sit) 1.2 MB
Movies and Excel File Compressed into 1 File (.tgz) 2.5 MB
Movies and Excel File Compressed into 1 File (.zip) 2.5 MB
Waveform Baseline (Microsoft Excel file) 387 KB
Circuit Design Movies (QuickTime format)  Size
Half Adder 1.9 MB
Simultaneous 3-Bit Adder 152 KB
Staggered 3-Bit Adder 352 KB
8x Delay 604 KB
16x Delay 916 KB
24x Delay 936 KB
2 Wavefronts 316 KB
10 Wavefronts 932 KB
12 Wavefronts 1 MB
22 Wavefronts 344 KB

On-Site Training and Seminars
We offer training and seminars on logically determined system design tailored to your needs. Send us an e-mail today!

Theseus Warp License Available
You can now purchase a license to use the Theseus Warp Algorithm in your products! Contact us via e-mail today.

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