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Theseus Research, Inc. has been very busy over the past 20 or so years. We have developed several key technologies:

Invocation Model of Process Expression

The invocation model of process expression is a paradigm of process expression in contrast to a paradigm of computation. It unifies the biological expression and the mathematical expression of process.

Bag Processor
Thousands of free proteins in the cytoplasm.

Connection Processor
Billions of interconnected neurons or transistors.

NULL Convention Logic, Logically Determined System Design and the Invocation Language are direct consequences of the Invocation Model.
The Invocation Language

The invocation language, the practical embodiment of the invocation model, expresses process in terms of association relationships among places in a symbol string. There are no predefined primitive operations, no predefined data types, no explicit control operators and no underlying machine is assumed. It is concurrent at its foundations and provides a uniform and consistent expression of process at all levels of abstraction.

The invocation language is the key to scalable computing.

Logically Determined System Design
Sustaining the Future of the Semiconductor Industry
The convenient and reliable design of digital systems solely in terms of logical relationships offers design simplicity and operational reliability in deep submicron and quantum device technologies where clock oriented design methodologies just become more difficult and complex.
We offer training and seminars on Logically Determined System Design.
NULL Convention Logic™
A new form of logic sufficiently expressive to specify flow control, as well as the transformation of data. NULL Convention Logic is the logical foundation for logically determined system design.

NCL Full Adder

NULL Convention Logic Full-Adder

NULL Convention Logic is being commercially developed by Theseus Logic, Inc., aspin-off company of Theseus Research, Inc.
Theseus Warp Algorithm
An innovative and very simple algorithm enables image resampling that is much higher fidelity than bicubic resampling, and is computationally cheaper than bicubic resampling.

29.5% shrink

Leading App Bi-Cubic Theseus Warp
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On-Site Training and Seminars
We offer training and seminars on logically determined system design tailored to your needs. Send us an e-mail today!

Theseus Warp License Available
You can now purchase a license to use the Theseus Warp Algorithm in your products! Contact us via e-mail today.

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