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Logically Determined Design

Unable to completely express logical behavior on its own terms Boolean logic must rely on the crutch of a critical timing expression.

NULL Convention Logic

completely expresses logical behavior on its own terms enabling the design of digital systems purely in terms of logical relationships.

The behavior of a logically determined system is completely expressed in terms of logical relationships and there is no need for any other form of expression, such as temporal relationships. The advantage is that the system is expressed entirely in a single language — logic — which is complete and sufficient in itself in contrast to being expressed in two languages — logic and time — which must be very carefully coordinated. The elimination of this very careful coordination enables simple and convenient design of digital systems in the deep submicron and quantum realms.

The conceptual foundations, the structure and the behavior of a logically determined system is quite different from the familiar clock driven, state-sequence-oriented systems. There is no clock and there is no stepping through a sequence of states. Logically determined system behavior is completely dynamic with no extended stable states anywhere in the system.

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The seminar presents the basics of the design and behavior of alogically determined system following the text "Logically Determined Design".

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