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The Invocation Model

Consider the possibility that what is called the theory of computer science provides a poor conceptual lens through which to study computers and their use. What is inadequate about the lens and what might provide a better lens is explored in the following essays.

A Critical Review of the Notion of the Algorithm in Computer Science

The notion of the algorithm "the fundamental paradigm of computer science" is an ineffectual model for the conceptual questions related to building and using computers. Published Karl M. Fant “A Critical review of the Notion of the Algorithm in Computer Science”, Proceedings of the 21st Annual Computer Science Conference, February 1993, pages 1-6.

Trusting Logic

Boolean logic on its own terms cannot be trusted to behave reliably but it is possible to define a logic that can be trusted to behave reliably on its own terms. Published as the first chapter of Karl Fant, "Logically Determined Design: Clockless System Design with NULL Convention Logic", (New York, Wiley, 2005)

The Simplcity of Concurrency, essay

The Simplicity of Concurrency, PARC presentation 7,21,05............Presentation Animation-13.1 Meg

In the context of sequencing transitions of an extended state, concurrency appears to be complex and indeterminate while sequentiality appears to be simple and determinate. From a slightly different perspective concurrency appears simple and determinate while sequentiality appears unnecessarily complex.

Transcending the Variable

The notion of the variable as a name referencing a memory location presents a number of difficulties. If the role of the variable reference is viewed from a different perspective the difficulties disappear.

Dehumanizing Computer Science

Humans are integral to the conceptual models of computer science. The presence of humans as arbitrarily capable elements renders the theory of computer science meaningless. The humans, however, can be removed.

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